The charm of the sea

Tour by Vespa – The sea will charm you like a mermaid’s song.
Never seen landscapes will take your breathe away.

The tour by Vespa is a guided walk through the historic centre, the fishing port and the littoral of Trapani. 

It’s an experience to discover the history and traditions, monuments, little streets and places of Trapani, the city between the two seas. 

1 person

You and your Vespa
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  • One Vespa
  • One helmet type approved
  • One hygienic balaclava
  • Fuel
  • Third-part liability insurance
  • Guide

2 people

One Vespa, you and your passenger
  • One tour for two people
  • One Vespa
  • Two helmets type approved
  • Two hygienic balaclavas
  • Fuel
  • Third-part liability insurance
  • Guide

The historic centre of Trapani is a blend of styles, different and opposite from each others. The quarters are divided by a little square or by an alley; aristocratic and noble palaces, the Norman and Spanish-style architecture blend with Churches which were built during the Aragonese dominations, arches with Jewish and Arab signs mix with Medieval monuments, like the Colombaia which is one of the most relevant symbols of the military architecture in Sicily, the ancient Tramontana walls along the littoral from the old market of fish.

Trapani has a schyte shape; its symbols are the Castle of the Sea, or Colombaia, that is an ancient medioeval fortification of Trapani and located in a little island on the eastern point of Trapani; Ligny Tower, or Turrigny for Trapani people, which is in the western position of the city, between the Mediterranean sea and the Thyrrenian sea. 

From Ligny Tower you can see the two seas come together, you can perceive different winds and enjoy the view of the Egadi islands, the Isola di Formica and the Isola dei Porcelli.

Trapani was born as fishermen village and till now its economy is based on the fishing. It has an ancient market of fish in the heart of the city and a modern market near the port, which is a city attraction for tourists.

Trapani origins date back to the Greek mithology. It tells a scythe felt out of Saturn’s hands so it became a land tongue. The city of Trapani rose on it and that’s why it is also called Drepanum.

Moreover, in the Aeneid, Virgilio tells about Enea’s father dead in Trapani and after his escape, Didone came back to celebrate some games.



Because of unfavourable weather conditions or other causes, the itinerary could be modified.

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