Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

By filling in the booking form and paying the deposit you will be guaranteed the chosen service on the day and with the modalities indicated in the booking form. The contract will have to be completed in the agency with the payment balance and the signature of the supply contract. However, acceptance of these terms and conditions in fact entails acceptance of the rental contract as specified below.


1) The vehicle is entrusted to the conductor with the tank full of fuel, equipped with standard equipment (for motorcycles: driver’s helmet, passenger helmet, anti-theft systems) and the documents of circulation of which the customer becomes guardian in all respects. The medium is delivered in excellent condition of conservation and operation, without defects and the conductor, with the signing of this agreement, declares to have seen it, to have verified the excellent conditions and to consider it suitable for the agreed use, by being obliged to return it in the same conditions at the end of the rental period. If the vehicle is not returned with a full tank of fuel, a PENAL of €. 50,00 will be applied, which can be deducted from the deposit.

The same PENAL will apply if, on return, the standard equipment is missing or damaged (for motorcycles: driver’s helmet, passenger helmet, chain/disc lock).

2) With this agreement only possession of the vehicle is transferred to the holder, the possession of the vehicle remaining at the full disposal of the lessor.The customer acknowledges that he or she does not have any real right to the rented vehicle and the accessories provided and, therefore, that he or she is not entitled to it in any way.

3) The holder certifies that the vehicle is equipped with RC INSURANCE to cover damages from civil liability.

The holder certifies that the vehicle is equipped with RC INSURANCE to cover damages from civil liability.

The insurance does not cover the event of theft or fire of the vehicle for which, in case of theft and/or fire of the rented vehicle, the driver will be held directly responsible and will be obliged to compensate the lessor the sum of €.…………… the value of the medium. To this end, the lessor may retain the deposit as a deposit.

4) In caso di guasto del motociclo non imputabile al conduttore e che precluda la possibilità di utilizzo del mezzo, il locatore provvederà, se possibile, alla sostituzione del veicolo con uno simile. In caso di impossibilità rimborserà il conduttore della parte non goduta del periodo di noleggio già pagato.

*The insurance kasko is included only in the rental of motor vehicles.


5) The conductor undertakes: a) To carry the vehicle with the approved helmet worn, to carry the passenger only with the approved helmet worn, to guard the vehicle, together with the equipment provided, with the utmost diligence and in compliance with all legal rules; b) To use the motor vehicle with care and caution, not to subject it to high efforts or to use in races or competitions. Any damage and damage suffered by the motor vehicle due to malice, negligence and negligence (falls, accidents, dents) will be considered to be the responsibility of the driver. In the event of damage exceeding the value of the vehicle, the market price of the motor vehicle shall be borne by the driver; c) To provide directly for the payment of any contraventions contested during the rental period by reimbursing to the lessor the corresponding amount and the consequent expenses (equal to €. 30,00 for each fine, over the amount of the same). In the event of seizure of the vehicle by the authority, the holder undertakes to reimburse the custody costs and to compensate the lessor for the loss of income equal to the rental days lost. d) To indemnify the lessor from any claim and/or request made by third parties for damages suffered by them and/or suffered from property of their own however related to this rental; e) To reimburse the lessor, upon presentation of an invoice, for any expenses, including legal costs, that the lessor itself had to bear in order to obtain the fulfilment of the financial obligations due in any way, such as the costs for unpaid motorway tolls; The holder already agrees to debit these amounts, plus incidental legal fees, on his credit card; f) To return the vehicle in order and in the same conditions as found at the rental.Any damage to the motorcycle will be found on return and the relative cost of restoration due by the driver. g) The driver undertakes the obligation to compensate for damage resulting from refuelling with fuel other than that provided for the hired means and damages resulting from repairs performed and/or carried out directly by the Customer without the consent of the lessor, or resulting from the circulation of the vehicle despite the presence of faults and/or damaged or repaired tyres. h) The holder undertakes to return the vehicle at the place and by the date indicated on the rental letter or, in any case, as soon as the lessor requests it, with the same accessories and under the same conditions as received, except for normal wear and tear. If the vehicle is not returned to the lessor by that date, the tenant will have to reimburse the lessor every extra day of rental, together with all the expenses he will incur in order to regain the physical possession of the vehicle, in addition to the loss of income caused by the lack of availability of the means.

6) Vehicle driving is permitted only to the holder of the rental contract (driver).

7) Sub-rental of the vehicle is strictly forbidden to third parties in any form. In addition, the holder may under no circumstances use or permit the means to be used: (a) for the transport of goods and/or persons for commercial purposes; (b) for pushing or towing vehicles, trailers or other things; (c) under the influence of alcohol, drugs, hallucinogens or any other substance which impairs the state of consciousness and vigilance; (d) for purposes contrary to the law.

8) The driver shall be required to use all anti-theft devices fitted to the vehicle whenever it is parked and left unattended. The holder undertakes the obligation not to refuel the rented vehicle with fuel other than that intended; not to carry out directly and/or have other repairs carried out without the lessor’s consent; to replace at his expense, in case of punctures, damaged tyres.

9)The lessor DOES NOT authorize the holder to travel with the vehicle outside the established area, coinciding with the territory of the Region of Sicily (minor islands excluded).Exceptions must be agreed with the lessor.

10) The lessor reserves the right to terminate the contract, in case of breach of its provisions, at his sole discretion and without notice, by requiring the holder to immediately return the vehicle, retaining the full amount of the rental.


11) The lessor may not be held liable to the holder and/or his or her passengers for any damage of any kind caused by malfunctioning of the vehicle or road accidents. And so the lessor cannot be held responsible for any kind of damage caused as a result of theft, riots, wars, force majeure and chance.

12) Within the limits established by the regulations in force, the lessor cannot be held liable, and the holder waives any claim against the lessor, for any damage caused to the holder or to third parties, resulting from the use of the hired means.


13) The holder undertakes not to provide false information on his personal details, age, address and driving requirements, expressly exempting the lessor from any injurious consequences in the event of false statements. The customer must hold a valid driving licence for the licence to drive the hired vehicle and must not be subject to legal restrictions or judicial or administrative measures. If you are a customer from outside the EU, you will need to show your international driving licence.

14) The conductor declares to be aware of the norms of the current Highway Code.


15) In the event of an accident, the holder shall be obliged to:

a. immediately inform the lessor by telephone, sending him within the next 24 hours a complete detailed report on the form attached to the documents of the vehicle (model CID);
b. inform the nearest police authority;
c. not to issue statements of liability in the event of uncertainty about accident dynamics;
d. take note of the names and addresses of the parties and witnesses;
e. provide the lessor with any other useful information;
f. follow the instructions that the lessor will give regarding the housing or repairs of the vehicle.

The holder undertakes to compensate the lessor for any damage caused to the vehicle, parts of it or accessories, and to reimburse the administrative costs of the accident.


16)The security shall be refunded in full to the holder unless the conditions laid down in No. 1, 3 and 5 of this contract are met.

The driver confirms that he is responsible for the motorcycle in question until it has been returned to PIM & C. s.n.c., delivery that will be certified by a special receipt signed and stamped by the representative of PIM & C. s.n.c. The holder declares to refund to PIM & C. s.n.c. the full amount of any damage caused to the vehicle in question, by withdrawal from your credit card or payment in cash


17) For any controversy that should arise in relation to this contract the competent court is Trapani.

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